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Isaiah House has been a community fixture since 1988. Our mission is to reduce the

prevalence of homelessness, hunger and unemployment throughout Essex County and more specifically, within the Oranges

and Newark.


As the brain child of an alliance between the Community Service Council of the

Oranges and Maplewood (a division of United Way of Essex and West Hudson), the Junior League of the Oranges and Short Hills, and the Concerned Clergy of East Orange, Isaiah House remains the only shelter in East Orange and provides temporary and permanent lodging, food,

social and financial services, as well as comfort and hope for families and individuals every year.


We are dedicated to those families and individuals who are considered “most fragile” – that is, those who have been devastated by unemployment, illness, drug addiction, teenage pregnancy, fires

and crises. Isaiah House offers a variety of support services to family members, including life skills training, instructions in household and money management, job search assistance, tutoring, medical referrals, and on-site drug and alcohol support groups.

One of our proudest accomplishments is that unlike other agencies and shelters, Isaiah House works diligently to ensure that the family unit remains in tack. That is, both a mom and dad, husband and wife, just mom or dad as heads of household or whatever the family make up, they can remain together with their children at Isaiah House rather than having to separate and stay in multiple places. Our unique approach is based on a firm belief that individual progress and development is enhanced and augmented by the assistance of loved ones.


Barring the excruciating funding cuts, Isaiah House has a reputation for dignified and comprehensive servicing. Without financial assistance, we risk losing a community treasure that has been home to thousands and has changed many lives for the better.


Our shelter programs serve: teenage girls/boys, disabled single women, women living with HIV/AIDS, mommy and me (border babies) and families in addition to an on-site day care for the residents and a food pantry for the community. Isaiah House also provides prevention funds to prevent homelessness, rental subsidies to people who are disabled, people living with HIV/AIDS and the high functioning mentally challenged.