Community Creche

If you are a case manager who would like to enroll a boarder baby in our Community Creche, please contact , Stacy Rodgers, Program Director, at ext. 3029

What the program offers

Community Creche is licensed by the State of New Jersey as a Residential Child Care Facility. It is a supportive temporary housing program for mothers and their infants. All referrals for Community Creche are handled through the Division of Youth and Family Services.

Community Creche's goal is to reduce the length of hospital stays for medically stable infants and nurture them physically and emotionally during this critical stage in their development. "Boarder Babies" are our most fragile population. While hospital staff and volunteers care deeply for these infants, they cannot replace a family setting. Extended, non-medically required hospital stays can cause irreparable harm to infants, who do not learn to bond properly and who do not get the appropriate stimulation essential for development.

Community Creche successfully nurtures boarder babies during this important developmental period. Our trained, caring child care workers emulate an extended family by providing the setting, consistency, and stability necessary for proper bonding and for the prevention of attachment disorders--a primary cause of foster/adoption failure.

All Community Creche infants have access to these supportive in-house services:

  • Infants and Tiny Tots Child Care Center (Isaiah House residents only): The center has trained professionals who implement an age appropriate monthly curriculum. The center offers state of the art stimulation equipment and an outdoor play area. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm. 

  • Infant Stimulation Requirement: Mothers engage in appropriate infant stimulation activities with their infants for a total of 45 minutes daily. These activities are done on the unit and are supervised by staff.