Our goal for 2020 is to secure recurring, monthly donations from friends, family and local businesses.

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Why Isaiah House needs your help


Over the last 5 years Isaiah House has continued to experience funding cuts due to changes in HUD practices. We have lost over $2million in funding because HUD changed its policies which now only fund permanent housing programs. As a shelter, the majority of our programs are transitional.  The result of HUD’s new policy was that needed programs were discontinued and people were displaced. This change also resulted in an immediate loss of $1.8 million dollars of funding to Isaiah House to provide housing and services to homeless unaccompanied teenagers, fragile families, women with HIV and single moms and their boarder babies.  This has hurt us severely. 


In February 2016, we begrudgingly had to shut down our teen girls program because we could no longer afford the costs to run the facility. We were forced to displace homeless teenagers who had already been displaced prior to coming to us. We have had a track record of success with our teen programs and were devastated that after nearly 2 decades we had to close it down simply due to funding. We need help. We are on the front lines and understand what it takes to provide the needed services to our vulnerable populations. Our staff each do far too many jobs for one individual, but we do what we have to do. We need for those who can make a difference to help us and to prevent needed programs such as ours from turning people away, or worse, not being here at all for those who have relied on us for nearly 30 years. 


Isaiah House remains the ONLY agency in East Orange and the surrounding area that ensures that the ENTIRE family remains in-tact by allowing fathers to remain with their families in our shelter OR accepting single fathers as heads of household.  So many efforts have been made to obtain funding but resources are so limited and there are so many agencies vying for the same small pot of funding, which is not guaranteed from year to year. Agencies such as ours are also subject to delays in reimbursement of payments which causes a domino effect: late payments to our vendors, late fees against our agency, depletion of our line of credit, cancelation of services and ultimately a bi-weekly struggle to make payroll.

This is why we need your donations, and why every dollar you send us is so important.