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There are countless ways to become involved with and help out at Isaiah House. A few opportunities are detailed below, but please don't be shy! If you have an idea, please reach out to us - we'd love to hear from you at


Many local families and individuals rely on the Isaiah House Food Pantry each week for their daily provisions. We welcome individual dry good/canned good donations as well as items from food drives run by local organizations on our behalf. Drop offs are accepted between the hours of 9am and 4pm on weekdays and weekends. If you are unable to drop off or have a large number of items and need to request a pick up, please call Latoya Anderson X3021 to arrange.



We, at Isaiah House, know how important it is to build strong relationships with the people in our surrounding community. For that reason, we invite our friends and family members to come and spend time with us. You can sponsor a pizza night, an afternoon craft, concert, Sunday sundaes, a book club - or come up with your own great idea and give us a call to discuss. Contact Zammeah Gibson at X3003 or email


When any new person or family comes to live at Isaiah House, they are given a brand new set of (twin) sheets, towels and toiletries. We also help our residents transition from our shelter into permanent housing, and need a constant supply of household items to get these individuals set up in their new homes. We accept donations of good quality, new or gently used  items for this purpose. We also gladly accept electronics in good working condition (computers, TVs, iPads, Phones etc.). Please contact Latoya Anderson X3021.



As part of preparing our residents for independent, successful living, we offer ongoing workshops and seminars on life skills such as money management and budgeting, nutrition, cooking, resume writing, interviewing skills and stress management to name a few. 

If you are an expert in an area and would like to teach a workshop or class series, please contact us at


In today's world, fundraising is a 24/7 activity and we need all the help we can get. If you would like to join our fundraising committee or if you would like to lead a fundraising activity, please contact Zammeah Gibson at X3003 or



Our volunteers help us achieve the impossible. If you have time and expertise that you are willing to share with us, please let us know. Specifically, we can use help with the following:​

  • Marketing and communications

  • Social Media

  • Fundraising/community outreach

  • Coordination/collection of food bank, housewares and electronics items

  • Life Skills teachering

Please contact Zammeah Gibson at X3003 or


Working with Zammeah has been an incredibly powerful, eye-opening and humbling experience.  Her tireless dedication, commitment and passion are an inspiration.  It's been a blessing getting to know her and her team.  They fight the good fight every single day with the hopes of simply giving people support, kindness, compassion and an equal opportunity at life.

Lisa Rayman Goldfarb, Photographer at Lisa Rayman Goldfarb Photography

Maplewood, NJ

One of the best places I’ve volunteered at. I gave my time and talent, and it gave me joy to the women and children who were in need

DJ Ben G

I have had the pleasure of volunteering at Isaiah House for over 10 years. It has been a soul satisfying joy to recruit other performers to inspire and encourage and love up on the residents. It was our family’s way of serving other families

Lynette Sheard, Trainer, Singer and Actress

It was an honor and a privilege to donate 100’s of warm winter coats and apparel to the residents of Isaiah House.  I was raised by a single mom and I have a special place in my heart to serve them .Being Santa Claus for the children was great fun.

Todd Mitchell, Sr. Financial Planner GIII Apparel Group

Working with Isaiah House was a very enriching experience. The care and attention given by the staff was impeccable and the joy on the children's faces that were served was awesome beyond words. I look forward to doing more work there in the near future.

Erica Bradshaw, Actor, Singer, Teaching Artist at

Volunteering at Isaiah House has been one of the more fulfilling things I've done. It has given me an opportunity through the years to meet some of the needs of women at what is perhaps the most vulnerable time of their lives. Their resiliency and optimism is always humbling, leaving me doubly grateful. Thankful to be able to serve them and grateful for my undeserved blessings.

Toju Chike-Obi

Knowing that a smile, a hug, a gentle touch, words of inspirations may have made a difference for someone In need is what kept me going back. I never felt like I was giving because I always left having received a jolt of happiness.

Yvette Vargas

I've had one of the best experienced volunteering at the Isaiah House. The residents appreciated me performing for them, and it was nice to give back to the community.

Jeffry Foote, Actor, Singer and Dancer

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It is very easy to send money to causes, and that is very important to do, but it is another thing to build a relationship with a local organization like Isaiah  House and see the impact you can make first hand, donating your time and expertise. My involvement has helped me to stay grounded and has opened my eyes to some of the true life challenges that people face each and every day right in our own back yard. It has also given my two school age sons an opportunity to give back and live their lives with a sense of gratitude and purpose. I hope to stay involved for many years to come. 

Kristen Beveridge, Principal at KABWORKS and President of the Isaiah House Board

South Orange, NJ

Volunteering at Isiah House was never a task, it was more like visiting family sharing stories and celebrating our likeness.  It was more rewarding than words can ever express.  The friends made and memories have left permanent impressions on my mind

Sharnette Vidal

Being a volunteer at the Isaiah's house makes me a complete person because I am able to help the needy. What I meant by "being complete " is that when I set my heart to do something, and I am able to accomplished it. I volunteered because I am privileged to have a roof over my head, and to appreciate God, I give my time to my community that needs help from  volunteers like me.

Gloria Onochie

The Isaiah House serves as a place that makes one aware of the harsh realities of domestic and global homelessness and displacement. Volunteering at the Isaiah House has been woven into the fabric of my life as I have incorporated the organization's love and practices into my professional life as Homeless Liaison.  

Deborah Lipscomb Freeman

Isaiah House opened my eyes to the varying levels of need in our community and inspired me to dedicate my time to aiding women and children in need. 

Kheri Freeman

My time volunteering at Isaiah House has guided my morals and helped me become the man I am today. I've developed incredible relationships with the residents as well as the other volunteers to the point where I can call them family. I wouldn't trade a single moment there for anything in the world.

Santiago Bauza

Volunteering at Isaiah House has given me a greater sense of purpose in life. The times I spent with the children and women was not only incredible, but it made me realize that no matter what I do in life, I must always give back. My IH experiences  have ingrained in me this intense desire to always help others. Not just holding a door open,  but going out of my way to connect while I hold that door. Making sure people feel special, loved, and Valued. Those IH experiences have indelibly impacted my life and influenced me daily. The lessons from serving at IH, are what I love about myself.  Seeing what moms will do for their children in spite of where they live or what they've been through proves that IH is no ordinary shelter. It's home. It really is. It's where dignity can be created and and where dignity can be preserved. Everyone should have this experience.  I volunteered to give, but instead, I got so much 

Jared Littlejohn

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