If you are homeless and in need of shelter, contact Patricia Terry, Shelter Director at X3027
If you are disabled and in need of shelter, please contact Patricia Terry, Case Manager at X3027 


  • I am homeless. How do I get shelter? 

    • If you receive either City or County Welfare, go to your Welfare worker and ask for shelter. You may need a letter from where you were staying or an eviction notice. Welfare should place you in a shelter of their choice. 

    • If you do not have income, bring your ID and a DC-5 form from unemployment to Welfare (City Welfare, if you are single/County Welfare if you have children with you) and ask for Welfare benefits and shelter. If you have another form of income (employment, SSI, etc.), call Robin Edwards, Director of Shelter Operations, at ext. 3019 to check on available space in a special grant program.

    • If you or a child with you has HIV/AIDS, you may qualify for shelter regardless of your source of income. Refer to the Special Programs section of this site, or call Pat Patterson, Case Manager, at X3027 to discuss your situation.

  • Welfare denied me shelter. What do I do? Ask for the denial in writing. Bring the denial to Legal Services and ask for assistance in fighting it if you thinkn it is not deserved. Remember, if you or your child has HIV/AIDS, call Pat Patterson, Case Manager at X3027 for shelter, regardless of your Welfare status.

  • I am a DYFS worker and have a family in need of shelter or we will need to place the children. Can you help? If the family receives County Welfare, they should go there to request shelter. A letter from you confirming the homeless situation may help. If it is too late in the day to deal with County Welfare, the client has been denied or does not receive Welfare, Isaiah House does have a Family Shelter contract with DYFS. Call Robin Edwards, Director of Shelter Operations at X3019 for space availability and procedures.

  • I am moving out of a shelter. How can Isaiah House help me move into my own place? If you are on Welfare, they may be able to assist you with transitional housing and temporary rental assistance. If you are not on Welfare, Isaiah House may be able to assist you with some relocation funds. We may also have funding to help resolve a back utility bill. Isaiah House does NOT have Section 8 or Subsidized Housing vouchers. For relocation services, contact Cheryl Carter-Weeks, Director of Community Affairs at X3002.