Every Little Bit Counts

When you send money to a non-profit, you believe it will be used wisely, (or you hope that it will)l. But do you ever wonder how it is actually used? Sometimes, it is really nice to know the actual impact of your generosity, even if you are giving a small amount.

Now that I am on the new Board of Directors, I have been exposed to the financial inner workings of Isaiah House - and it ain't always pretty. My eyes have been opened to the complexity and difficulty of keeping a non profit afloat, and I can say with absolute confident that every little bit of help makes a huge difference in our ability to provide vital services to people in need within our community. And with government funding more difficult to secure, our reliance on donations from individuals and businesses will only increase.

With this in mind, I have been talking to the Executive Director, Zammeah Gibson, about real life examples of what your money can do for us on a day to day basis.

Here are some examples:

A Donation of $10 can

- Purchase toiletries for 1 teenager

- Purchase 1 set of twin sheets

- Pay for 5 residents to wash 2 loads of laundry each

- Feed an individual within the shelter for 1 day with 3 hot meals

A Donation of $15 can

- Purchase 1 set of twin sheets, 1 pillow, 1 wash cloth and 1 towel

- Purchase 4 pillows

- Purchase 4 sets of wash cloths and towels

A Donation of $$25 can

- Feed a family of 4 for the week via our community food bank

- Stock the day care with snacks, fruit and juice for 1 week

A Donation of $50-$70 can

- Feed an individual in our shelter 3 meals per day for 1 week

- Cover the cost of food for our day care for 1 week

- Pay for a week of gas for our transport vehicles

A Donation of $100 can

- Purchase fresh milk for the shelter for 1 week

- Pay our utilities bill for 1 day

As you can see, everything here is of critical importance to our operation. Every little bit counts. And our hope is that if and when you decide to donate to Isaiah House, you will do so with the confidence that every cent is appreciated and used to its fullest potential.

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