Press Provokes Action

Many thanks to the powerhouse PR firm, KCSA, for stepping in and helping Isaiah House and for getting us our first article in the local Patch. The article highlights the financial plight of the shelter and the urgent, immediate need for monetary donations, fundraising and community involvement.

It did not disappoint. Between the new website, Facebook page and press like this, donations for the month of March are already up 300%. The new Board of Directors has also stepped in and put in countless hours to secure funds owed by the state of New Jersey as far back as July 2016.

Zammeah Bivins-Gibson, the Executive Director, says, "The outpouring of interest and support has been overwhelming. I have a new problem on my hands other than trying to meet payroll, and that is trying to follow up with everyone who has contacted me to express their interest in helping us get back on our feet."

Read the article in its entirety on the Patch, and stay tuned for more upcoming articles in local NJ papers.

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