Two Hoboken Photographers Find Creative Way to Learn and Raise Funds

This past February, two talented Hoboken photographers, Kim Gerlach ( and Nadia Mian (, decided to join forces to learn a new photo technique while also raising money for Isaiah House. Kim has been involved with Isaiah House during the past year, offering her photography services to take pictures for the website, and mobilizing her Hoboken Mom's group to donate close to 50 turkeys at Thanksgiving and purchase Christmas gifts to 30 families.

Both Kim and Nadia are very comfortable doing family photo shoots on city streets and in lush parks (and Nadia has experience with studio photo shoots), Kim had a desire to practice taking interior portraits against a white background - something she hadn't done before. The two got together and decided to spend a few weekends in February offering mini photo shoot sessions for their existing clients and friends for $100 each. They then donated the entire $3000 profit to Isaiah House.

"It was an incredible opportunity to learn photography skills and give back to such an amazing organization," said Kim Gerlach after the project was complete.

Zammeah Bivins-Gibson remarked, "The money couldn't have come at a better time. We were going through a difficult stretch and this allowed us to purchase much needed provisions for the food pantry."

We love the creative thinking around raising money and encourage others within the community to use their skills and to think outside the box when it comes to fundraising.

Nadia and Kim below.

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